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Microplastics in karstic springs

The presence of microplastics in karst spring waters was confirmed and a quantitative estimation expressed as number of fragments or fibers per liter.
Nesterovschi I, Marica I, Andrea Levei E, Bogdan Angyus S, Kenesz M, Teodora Moldovan O, Cîntă Pînzaru S. Subterranean transport of microplastics as evidenced in karst springs and their characterization using Raman spectroscopy. Spectrochim Acta A Mol Biomol Spectrosc. 2023 Oct 5;298:122811.

Antibiotic resistance gene contamination in karstic springs

This is the first study highlighting the applicability of a combined approach based on high-throughput SmartChip™ antibiotic resistance gene quantification and Compact Dry™ pathogen cultivation for estimating microbial contaminants in karst springs and other challenging low biomass environments.

Szekeres E, Baricz A, Cristea A, Levei EA, Stupar Z, Brad T, Kenesz M, Moldovan OT, Banciu HL. Karst spring microbiome: Diversity, core taxa, and community response to pathogens and antibiotic resistance gene contamination. Sci Total Environ. 2023 Oct 15;895:165133. 

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