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Moldovan OT, Øvrevik Skoglund R, Banciu HL, Dinu Cucoș A, Levei EA, Perșoiu A, Lauritzen S-E. Monitoring and risk assessment for groundwater sources in rural communities of Romania (GROUNDWATERISK). Research Ideas and Outcomes 5: e48898.


Moldovan A, Hoaghia M-A, Kovacs E, Mirea IC, Kenesz M, Arghir RA, Petculescu A, Levei EA, Moldovan OT. Quality and Health Risk Assessment Associated with Water Consumption—A Case Study on Karstic Springs. Water. 2020; 12(12):3510. IF 3.103

Longman, J., Ersek, V. & Veres, D. (2020) High variability between regional histories of long-term atmospheric Pb pollution. Scientific Reports 10, 20890 IF 3.998.

Moldovan, OT, Baricz, A., Szekeres, E., Kenesz, M., Hoaghia, M., Levei, E., Mirea, I., Năstase-Bucur, R., Brad, T., Chiciudean, I., Banciu, H. Testing Different Membrane Filters for 16S rRNA Gene-Based Metabarcoding in Karstic Springs. Water 2020, 12(12), 3400. IF 2.544

Haliuc A, Buczkó K, Hutchinson SM, Ács É, Magyari EK, Korponai J, ..., Vereș D (2020) Climate and land-use as the main drivers of recent environmental change in a mid-altitude mountain lake, Romanian Carpathians. PLoS ONE 15(10): e0239209. IF 2.740

Moldovan O-T, Bercea S, Nastase-Bucur R, Constantin S, Kenesz M, Mirea IC, Petculescu A, Robu M, Arghir RAManagement of water bodies in show caves - A microbial approach. Tourism Management 78: 104037. IF 7.432

Moldovan OT, Iepure S, Brad T, Kenesz M, Mirea IC, Năstase-Bucur R (2020) Database of Romanian cave invertebrates with a Red List of cave species and a list of hotspot/coldspot caves. Biodiversity Data Journal 8: e53571. IF 1.331

Moldovan OT, Iepure S, Brad T, Kenesz M, Mirea IC, Năstase-Bucur R (2020) Database of Romanian cave invertebrates with a Red List of cave species and a list of hotspot/coldspot caves, v4, Dryad, Dataset,



Weber D, Brad T, Stoch F, Flot J-F (2021) Rediscovery and redescription of Niphargus enslini Karaman, 1932 (Amphipoda, Niphargidae) in southern Germany. Subterranean Biology 40: 65-89. IF 1.690

Brad T, Iepure S, Sarbu SM. The Chemoautotrophically Based Movile Cave Groundwater Ecosystem, a Hotspot of Subterranean Biodiversity. Diversity. 2021; 13(3):128. IF 1.402

Hoaghia M-A, Moldovan A, Kovacs E, Mirea IC, Kenesz M, Brad T, Cadar O, Micle V, Levei EA, Moldovan OT. Water Quality and Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Some Karst Water Sources in Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Water. 2021; 13(6):857. IF 3.103

Perşoiu, A., Buzjak, N., Onaca, A., Pennos, C., Sotiriadis, Y., Ionita, M., Zachariadis, S., Styllas, M., Kosutnik, J., Hegyi, A., and Butorac, V.: Record summer rains in 2019 led to massive loss of surface and cave ice in SE Europe, The Cryosphere, 15, 2383–2399,, 2021. IF 4.713

Török AI, Moldovan A, Levei EA, Cadar O, Tănăselia C, Moldovan OT. Assessment of Lithium, Macro- and Microelements in Water, Soil and Plant Samples from Karst Areas in Romania. Materials. 2021; 14(14):4002. IF 3.623

Cucoș AL, Moldovan MC, Burghele BD, Dicu T, Moldovan OT. Radiological Risk Assessment for Karstic Springs Used as Drinking Water in Rural Romania. Atmosphere. 2021; 12(9):1207. IF 2.686


Moldovan A, Török AI, Mirea IC, Micle V, Moldovan OT, Levei EA. Health Risk Assessment in Southern Carpathians Small Rural Communities Using Karst Springs as a Drinking Water Source. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(1):234. IF 3.390

Brad T, Bizic M, Ionescu D, Chiriac CM, Kenesz M, Roba C, Ionescu A, Fekete A, Mirea IC, Moldovan OT. Potential for Natural Attenuation of Domestic and Agricultural Pollution in Karst Groundwater Environments. Water. 2022; 14(10):1597. IF 3.530

Stupar Z, Levei EA Neag E, Baricz A, Szekeres E, Moldovan OT. Microbial water quality and health risk assessment in karst springs from Apuseni Mountains, Romania. Frontiers in Environmental Science 10, 2022, DOI=10.3389/fenvs.2022.931893 IF 5.411   


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Publications & Conferences: Publications



Torok AI, Moldovan A, Levei EA, Cadar O, Tănăselia C, Moldovan OT (2022) Occurrence of Li in groundwaters and plants from Dobrogea karst area, Romania. ARPHA Conference Abstracts 5: e90172.

Stupar Z, Levei E, Neag E, Moldovan OT (2022) Quantitative microbial risk assessment as a tool for groundwater monitoring. A case study in the rural communities of Romania. ARPHA Conference Abstracts 5: e89699.

Moldovan A, Torok AI, Kovacs E, Mirea I-C, Levei E, Moldovan OT (2022) Groundwater contamination and human health risk assessment in the main karst areas of Romania. ARPHA Conference Abstracts 5: e89698.

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